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More Health Insurance Idiocy from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

An update on the post below. As of today (Monday December 30th) the phone lines at BCBS are so full that I can not even get past a fast busy signal to ask for a third insurance card. Private insurance clearly is no readier for "peak insurance" than was the Obamacare web site.


More health insurance idiocy from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. As of January 1, 2014, BCBS issued a new health insurance policy to me covering three people (me and two daughters) at three different addresses in Illinois and Colorado. So, BCBS knows they have three insureds. They also have all of our ages, and so BCBS knows we are not babies.

Despite knowing it has three insureds, all of whom live in different places, BCBS sent out only two of the almighty,indispensable cards that are demanded by each medical service provider. So, now I can waste 30-45 minutes to figure out how to get a third card issued. I’m really tired of big companies making obvious, stupid mistakes and forcing me to spend my time fixing their mistakes.

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