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Molecular Animation – Imagine these Videos in a Courtroom to Explain Disease Causation

The NYT’s Erik Olsen compiled this wonderful on line article explaining and compiling examples of work from the burgeoning world of molecular animation. It’s how ideas and reams of data come to life and become manageable. The article includes multiple links to great animations, and identifies leaders in the field. The videos are great; make sure to check out The Inner Life of the Cell, which will take you to, of all places, You Tube. While there, look at some of the other similar videos that pop up.

Animations for accidents are now courtroom staples. Imagine tomorrow when a lawyer can use a video to demonstrate how a toxin destroys cells or alters genes. Remote concepts will become far simpler when they look like Pac Men. Defendants will have to counter.

Tomorrow’s trials will be very cool.

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