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Mesothelioma Science – Meeting Next Week in DC (Alexandria)

Even though many ignore the topic, there are groups focused on research on mesothelioma.  Thus, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation is based in Alexandria, Virginia and its focus is aptly described in its name. Mary Hesdorffer drives the group, and is an experienced medical professional who has catalyzed over $16 million in private and government funding. Research, Mary and the rest of the foundation deserve far more support than they they receive.

Contrary to what cynics might suspect, MARF and its  Board of Directors are not driven by plaintiff lawyers. To the contrary, its members are physicians or other professionals with family or personal experiences with mesothelioma. MARF’s Science Advisory Board is composed of highly respected physicians and researchers from top rank institutions.

Next week, MARF will be hosting its annual mesothelioma meeting on March 5 and 6, with much of the meeting focused on mesothelioma science. The first day’s meeting is set aside for researchers to talk among themselves – their agenda is here. On the 6th, there will be talks on various aspects of cancer research as applied to mesothelioma (agenda here),  and specific talks on peritoneal mesothelioma (agenda here). Some of the speakers are top rank, and all are focused on mesothelioma-related projects.

The conference takes place at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22311. You can register here. You also can “livestream” parts of the meeting – see the website for specifics. 

I’m attending and looking forward to the speakers. It’s too bad the meeting probably will not be attended by futures representatives or their lawyers – they really ought to be focused on the future, and it’s not all in courtrooms, conference rooms and boardrooms.

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