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MesoBank UK Continues to Expand

MesobanK UK published the chart as part of its September 2016 update. It’s good to see more progress in gathering samples and data. See

Chart published by MesoBank UK - September 2016

Chart published by MesoBank UK – September 2016

Pasted below is a description of MesobanK published at as part of its summary of iMig 2014

“MesobanK UK – An International Bioresource of Mesothelioma Tissue – Robert Rintoul

Availability of quality assured, fully annotated mesothelioma tissue collected to rigorous standard operating procedures (SOPs) to facilitate basic and translational research, is very limited. MesobanK in the United Kingdom (UK) was funded by the British Lung Foundation and Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund to provide researchers with access to a wide range of samples from patients with this disease.

The overall objectives of MesobanK are to:

Construct a tissue microarray (TMA) from 1000 cases of mesothelioma linked to a clinical data set. Collect 300 cases of fresh mesothelioma tissue, whole blood, serum, and plasma linked to a clinical data set with follow up data from the National Cancer Registration Service. Develop 20 new fully annotated mesothelioma cell lines. MesobanK abides by all relevant United Kingdom and European Union legislation regarding the collection of tissue and data. The project is overseen by a Steering Committee and an independent Scientific Advisory Board reviews applications for samples, which are prioritized for access based solely on scientific merit.

To date, 500 of the 1000 mesothelioma case designated cases for TMA have been acquired from UK pathology departments and the TMA construction is underway. Several new cell lines are also being characterized. Quality assurance and control are being undertaken to ensure suitability for research use.

MesobanK will also act as a repository for samples collected within clinical trials.

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