Mass Torts – DePuy Hip Device – One Trial is Not the Outcome

Some post-trial comments from the lawyers in DePuy hip trial are included in an October 24, 2014 post at Torts Today. Note the measured approach in the comments from both camps of sophisticated and experienced lawyers. In contrast, some plaintiff and defense lawyers (and insurance people and claimants) sometimes become overly excited about one outcome in one trial in one set of mass tort cases, or even the outcome in one related bankruptcy case. But in the world of mass torts, one trial is a factor or data point for evaluation and weighing. Simply put, mass tort litigation (and related bankruptcy cases) typically involves a journey as each side evaluates and learns more about its own strategy and more about the strategies of the other side. And, changes in science, law, demographics, and society add yet more variables.

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Since becoming a lawyer in 1983, Kirk’s over 30 years of practice have focused on advising a wide range of corporations, associations, and individuals (as both plaintiffs and defendants) on both tort and commercial law issues centered around “mass torts.”


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