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MARF and Dr. Lee Krug Provide a Summary of Mesothelioma Treatment Papers from ASCO 2014

Today, through the leadership of Mary Hesdorffer and others, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation is about mesothelioma science, and not about recruiting mesothelioma plaintiffs. To that end, a July 7, 2014 post from its blog provides Dr. Lee Krug’s  basic summary of mesothelioma treatment papers from ASCO. Dr. Krug is with Memorial Sloan-Kettering, one of the world’s real cancer centers of excellence. The overall news is that some promising clinical trials underway for persons with mesoethlioma, with some showing growing numbers of patients with stable disease or even regression. Mesothelioma is still a many-headed disease, and still very hard to tame. But progress is occurring. Indeed, at a recent asbestos conference, Vince Green of Motley Rice very explicitly commented on the fact that the firm’s lawyers are seeing more clients living longer – with 2-5 years becoming more common. Science is moving forward, and many should be paying attention, as both litigants and empathetic humans.


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