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Madison County Asbestos Filings for 2012 – Data on the Claims by Disease and Plaintiff’s

Madison County, Illinois continues to thrive as the largest annual asbestos litigation venue for new cancer cases. During 2012, Madison County received a bumper crop of 1,563 new case filings.

Informed observers are providing further insights into the numbers. For example, the Madison County case filings by disease were recently presented by Jonathan Lively, a partner in Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney. As Jonathan pointed out, make sure not to miss the fact that lung cancer filings exceeded mesothelioma filings:

The Madison County Record also provided a new online article with additional data on Madison County’s 2012 cases. According to the Record, the numbers are as follows. Note especially the influx from Napoli Bern, a firm that’s actively seeking out and filing lung cancer cases.

"The majority of last year’s asbestos cases … were brought by several of the firms that have historically brought these suits, including nearly 500 by the Simmons Law Firm in Alton and about 340 by Gori Julian & Associates in Edwardsville.

Goldenberg Heller Antognoli & Rowland in Edwardsville, which typically ranked as one of the top three firms with the most asbestos filings, brought only 45 last year, according to records, while a relatively new player, Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, filling the No. 3 spot with 343 filings in 2012. Headquartered in New York, the Napoli firm has 10 offices across the nation, including one that recently opened in Edwardsville.

Attorneys at the nationwide firm, Maune Raichle, brought about 120 asbestos suits last year, followed by the Texas law firm of Shrader & Associates at 78.

The Record’s analysis also shows that other small or relatively new players last year included Wood River attorney Bob Perica with about 70 filings; Flint & Associates with 30, the O’Brien Law Firm in St. Louis with 17 and SWMK Law in St. Louis with nine.

In addition, records show that Edwardsville attorney Michael Bilbrey brought four asbestos suits in Madison County in 2012, followed by Glen Carbon attorney Aaron Dickey with four and Chicago attorney Jon Richardson with one."

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