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Lung Cancer Claiming in Asbestos Litigation – A New Data-filled Paper Is Highly Useful

Lung cancer claiming in asbestos litigation is one of the current "hot topics." This week the dialog will continue at Perrin Conference’s December 12 asbestos conference in NY. The dialog will be made more useful by a data-filled paper recently published by Marc Scarcella and Peter Kelso of Bates White and Joseph Cagnoli of Segal McCambridge. Among other things, the paper provides a powerful overview of the linkage between the economics of asbestos trust claiming and tort system claiming. The paper is a "must read" for anyone in asbestos litigation.

The paper is online and free at this page at Bates White. The title and authors are: Marc Scarcella, Peter Kelso, and Joseph Cagnoli, Jr.: “Asbestos Litigation, Attorney Advertising & Bankruptcy Trusts: The Economic Incentives Behind The New Recruitment Of Lung Cancer Cases.” The paper was published in the November 25 issue of Mealey’s Asbestos Bankruptcy Report.

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