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Lousy Corporate Processes – JP Morgan Chase – the Bank that Cannot Read A Check

It is so very tiresome to have my time – and my staff’s time – wasted by corporate buffoonery. On the other hand, I love companies that have rock solid processes and do not waste our time. Today’s lousy corporate process award goes to JP Morgan Chase for its inability to read a check.

Why?  It cannot process checks accurately. Today, while at lunch, I deposited a check for $17,000 at an ATM that scans the check. The machine asked me to confirm the amount, so I typed in $17,000.

On returning to the office, I received a JP Morgan email alerting me to an ” urgent” secure message about a correction to my deposit. So, I wasted more time to log in to my account to read the message. It’s pure idiocy, and is pasted below.  Somehow the bank’s machines or people cannot count and reduced the amount of the deposit to $16, 983. So, then I wasted more time sending back a message that the bank’s initial message is idiocy.

I can hardly wait for the follow up series of urgent messages, to waste more of my time. Want to bet on whether I have to call a human to retrieve the $17? We will see.

The take away ? Corporate America is excellent at many things. Unfortunately, one of them is wasting the time of consumers by putting flawed processes into place, and depending on us to let them know their systems are broken. Reputations and good will fail accordingly.

The idiotic message is pasted below:


“Dear Customer,

We’ve corrected an error to a check in your recent ATM deposit. This is why we made the correction: Amount Error

Check number 1453 Amount of deposited check $17,000.00 Correction to check amount $16,983.00 Correction type (debit or credit) DEBIT A debit subtracts money from your account; a credit adds money to your account. Your account ending in <…ACCT0182> will reflect the correction.

Here is more information about your ATM deposit: Deposit date Jun 13, 2014 Deposit amount $17,000.00 ATM ID IL3116 Sequence number 1102 Your card number **** “

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