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Looking Back at 1993 Predictions on Technology – Reasons to Believe in the Future

Where will science take us, and how fast ? Do legislators, courts and lawyers really need to think today about scientific changes promised for tomorrow?

Every day, ScienceDaily brings new articles with incremental progress in many areas. And, sometimes, the world’s great science journals – and free online science such as the Public Library of Science (PLoS) – bring news of profound breakthroughs. But should we believe predictions?

For a positive answer as to the accuracy of predictions for future science, take a look back at this page and its imbedded string of AT&T videos. Make sure to look at the embedded predictive AT & T ads from 1993 (need help remembering 1993 – the narrator is Tom Selleck). Each ad precisely predicts and portrays one or more technologies now used everywhere. So, yes, there are indeed sound reasons to read and believe current predictions of future scientific possibilities.

Also worth looking at is this page, with an imbedded look at the success and failure in a newspaper’s 1994 prediction of the future of newspapers, and the thing we today call an Ipad, or more generically, a tablet computer.

Kudos to Peter Kafka at All Things Digital for posting the various the past predictions and ads regarding technology, and note his credits to Richard Raucci for pointing out that an even larger collection of seven A T & T predictive videos is here on Youtube.

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