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London Asbestos Litigation Conference – Science Gets A Keynote Role

Molecular biology is universal. It’s also moving incredibly fast these days. Indeed, the rapid pace of biology makes law look especially turtle-like. Over the next few years, the science of cancer will create significant, new issues for lawyers and their clients. Therefore, it’s appropriate that molecular biology and cancer have a lead place role in an upcoming asbestos litigation conference in London.

Specifics? Dr. Arnold Brody is a keynote speaker for LexisNexis at its International Asbestos Forum on18 and19 October 2012 at a conference venue close to beautiful Hyde Park. Dr. Brody’s 60 minute talk will focus on how/why asbestos causes cancer, as opposed to asbestosis. It’s a highly relevant topic as more and more plaintiffs assert that more and more cancers are caused by asbestos. You can obtain a 20% discount on the registration fee by using my initials (KH) as a discount code.

I’ll be speaking on the panel on the future of asbestos litigation, as well as presenting analysis on future mesothelioma trends based on epidemiological work by Dr. Peto and others. The numbers are daunting for decades to come – well more than 350,000 mesotheliomas. And that’s not even counting tumors to arise in Russia and China.

Are you thinking nothing much is new in asbestos cancer and science? Are you thinking everyone still dies from mesothelioma in less than a year? It may be time to get out and hear some new data. Earlier this month, about 475 physicians and researchers met in Boston to talk – only – about asbestos and disease – for three days – at the iMig Conference. And they were full days – morning sessions started at 8, and were followed by workshop sessions and then poster sessions. Afternoons ran at the same pace, and usually until 6.

Cancer research is racing ahead. Yes, too many people are still dying in less than a year. But,growing numbers of persons with mesothelioma are not dying, or at least surviving for, in some cases, over five years. MicroRNA sequences, for example, are helping doctors understand disease progression of mesothelioma, which translates into providing more accurate clinical information, even if sometimes the information is that death is far too likely. Other scientists see possibilities for new genomic therapies. In short, much science work is in progress and there will be consequences. I’d suggest it’s worth your time to come out and listen to thoughts on some of the possibilities.

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