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Judges and Trial Lawyers Talk About Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts in Academia – George Mason Law

This past week, asbestos bankruptcies received some discussion in an academic setting. George Mason University’s Law and Economics center on Monday held its 5th Annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues. The panels included respected judges, and influential lawyers from the plaintiff’s side, the corporate/defense side, and the insurance side.The full agenda is here, and includes other interesting topics and speakers.

Asbestos bankruptcies were discussed by a panel of four. Judge Mark Davidson was the jurist. Lloyd Dixon of RAND was one of the panel members. Lloyd is the lead author for RAND’s ongoing study of asbestos bankruptcies. Jim Stengel of Orrick spoke for the corporate/defense side. For plaintiffs, Nathan Finch took the place of his former partner, Elihu Inselbuch. This past year, Nate left Caplin Drysdale to become a partner in Motley Rice.

I’m told the discussion was great, and that the conference was recorded and will be put online at some point.

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