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  • Kirk Hartley

Japanese Asbestos Litigation Ramps Up – Suit by 178 Plaintiffs Names 46 Companies and Governme

Asbestos litigation is ramping up in Japan. The English language version of a Japanese newspaper article reports that a lawsuit was filed in Japan late last week on behalf of 178 contruction workers (or their heirs) against 46 building products companies and agencies of the Japanese government. The article does not identify the defendants, or the lawyers. The articel also says that “About 40 construction workers from Kanagawa Prefecture will also file a similar suit at the Yokohama District Court in June.”A parallel article on Wikinews adds some quotes from workers, but not much more.Surprisingly, the website of the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat does not yet include an article on the topic. That may well change.


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