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It’s Baaack and Will Not Die – The Never Used CapitalOne Credit Card That CapitalOne Re

Time to renew an old rant about a CapitalOne credit card that I never asked for, and that will not die, despite my multiple requests to Capital One to kill the card. The prior rant – from 2011 – is here. After mutiple tries at killing it – and no bills for a while – I thought it was finally dead. But no – it’s baaaack, as the saying goes !  The card resurfaced with a new, spring 2014 bill for $0, showing no activity because the credit card has never been used, and the physical card was cut up years ago.

Although it has lots of competition for corporate idiocy, it seems CapitalOne still leads the consumer finance world in stupidity and venality. On that point, see this prior July 18, 2012 post on CapitalOne accepting a $210 million fine for consumer fraud. And go here to file a complaint with the feds regarding credit card companies.

I called CapitalOne again this morning (800-955-07070) to yet again try to cancel the card. After talking to one person who had to get another, and a minutes on hold, the call was disconnected at their end. I’ve now filed a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Stay tuned ….

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