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International Lawyers Commenting on Netherlands as Settlement Forum for Global Securities Claims Aga

Having more or less won the so-called f-cubed securities cases to limit US jurisdiction on securities claims, defendants in securities claims now have to deal with the consequences of their "wins." One consequence is that they face issues on where and how to obtain global settlements and/or purportedly valid settlement injunctions. Therefore, lawyers and jurisdictions are now dancing on where global settlements may be obtained.

On that subject, here is the link to a fairly detailed and useful three page paper on the possibility of obtaining judicial approval in the Netherlands of purportedly global securities claims. The paper notes the pendency of 16 US based securities claims against Chinese entities, and suggests the possibility of Netherlands as the settlement forum. The firm, De Brauw Blakstone Westbrook, lists office in Amsterdam, Beijing, London and New York.

Hat tip to Lexology for presenting the article in its daily article flow.


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