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International Consumer Product Safety Conference – Brussels, Belgium

An online page presents information about this upcoming global conference on consumer products. The world continues to get smaller with increases in cross-border communication. The page provides the following overview:

“International Consumer Product Safety Conference – Brussels, Belgium

June 17-18, 2014 Thank you for your interest in ICPHSO’s 10th International Symposium. ICPHSO will again provide an unparalleled multi-stakeholder platform upon which to discuss the consumer product safety issues confronting us today. The focus of the conference is on the practical collaboration that has developed between regulators and how we can rise to the challenges we face in today’s changing marketplace. This will allow us to build on the discussion of priorities for international collaboration that was the theme of the last ICPHSO meeting in Brussels in 2012.

Sessions will address the challenges posed by topical issues and provide an opportunity to review the different practical collaboration initiatives already underway and explore the potential for collaboration in other areas. Sessions are being developed in respect of market surveillance, recall effectiveness, the online marketplace, communicating important information about safety, tracking and traceability, identifying emerging issues from research and setting priorities.

The ICPHSO meeting will again anchor an International Product Safety Week. The week of meetings will bring together regulators, the regulated community, service providers and consumer representatives with a single focus on non-food consumer product safety. The commitment of the regulators to international collaboration is evidenced by the high level Tri-lateral summit that will be held the same week between the EU, China and the USA. Other confirmed events include a meeting hosted by the European Commission on the changing Consumer Product Safety and Market Surveillance legislation in the European Union and a workshop to be held on market surveillance by PROSAFE (the Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe). More details on International Product Safety Week can be found on the web site of the European Commission at The number of attendees to the ICPHSO conference is limited to a first come first served basis. Please click on the registration tab to register for this must attend meeting. Bruce Farquhar Conference Chair

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