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Injunction Issued to Block Enforcement of $ 9 Billion Judgment Against Chevron for Environmental Dam

Global tort litigation includes numerous battles within the war. This week, Chevron is trumpeting the fact that it won a preliminary injunction ruling seeking to bar enforcement of a $ 9 billion judgment entered in Ecuador because of Chevron’s trashing of various swaths of land in the nation, and alleged resulting cancers and other diseases. Alison Frankel provides analysis and links in this AmLaw Daily story.

The appeals and future battles will be interesting. Among other issues, Judge Kaplan refused to consider at this time various "unclean hands" issues raised by plaintiffs, saying in a separate order that the issue was raised too late when compared to concerns about enjoining efforts to collect on the judgment. One has to wonder if the plaintiffs were too unyielding in refusing to agree to extend deadlines. But one also has to wonder how Chevron will fair when all the issues are on the table. This war is far from over.

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