• Kirk Hartley

“Increased Transparency is the Simplest, Safest Reform”

“Increased transparency is the simplest, safest reform.”  Who said so? Professor Coffee.

Professor Coffee’s wisdom could be applied in many places. One place it certainly should  be applied is to mass tort settlement trusts. His statement, however, is set out in a May 19, 2014 article at the CLSBlue Sky Blog aimed at the ongoing wars in battles for corporate control. The full quote is interesting for anyone involved in corporate litigation:

“To conclude, the “new” myth is that the efficiency gains from hedge fund activism justify relaxing the shareholders’ protection against “creeping control” acquisitions, and the “old” reality is that shareholders still need that protection (but may be losing it).  Increased transparency is the simplest, safest reform.”


About Kirk

Since becoming a lawyer in 1983, Kirk’s over 30 years of practice have focused on advising a wide range of corporations, associations, and individuals (as both plaintiffs and defendants) on both tort and commercial law issues centered around “mass torts.”


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