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iMig Kicks Off in South Africa – NexGen Sequencing of Mesos Leads Off

The biennial meeting of iMig is underway as mesothelioma researchers gather in South Africa for three days of discussion of research on mesothelioma. Day 1 is Tuesday the 21st, and kicks off with four plenary sessions. The first three focus on molecular and genomic factors in mesothelioma. One talk is by the University of Chicago’s Dr. Ravi Salgia. The fourth is a presentation by Laurie Kazan- Allen, who heads up IBAS. Her brother is Steve Kazan.

Those talks are followed by a presentation on a worldwide look at mesothelioma by Julian Peto, a world class epidemiologist in London with a long-time focus on mesothelioma, among other things. The four plenary sessions are further detailed below:

“10.1 C Alifrangis 0815 Next Generation Sequencing: Genome-Directed Precision Medicine in Mesothelioma

10.2 R Salgia 0840 Mesothelioma–From Chaos to Mitochondrial Functionality: What the Fractal?

10.3 R Weinberg 0905 iMig Special Keynote Lecture: Cancer Stem Cells as Target Pathways

10.4 L Kazan-Allen 0935 The Global Asbestos Landscape – Past, Present and Future

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