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iMig Day 3 Focuses on the Immune System and Meso, and Speakers on Social and Financial Issues

Day 3 of iMig includes three different “tracks” for attendees. The science track today is focused on mesothelioma and the immune system. Various presenters focus on the possible use of therapies aimed at triggering the immune system to see and destroy mesothelioma tumors. (A flip side of that subject is how is the immune system effected by asbestos inhalation or ingestion. Investigations into molecular therapies almost always always increase knowledge about causation). Mary Hesdorffer of MARF also will be speaking about therapies and clinical trials.

On the social and financial side, several speakers will address topics regarding efforts to obtain additional research funding. Others will address compensation claiming. The speakers on that topic include Richard Spoor speaking on claiming in South Africa, and Steve Kazan updating his 2012 presentation on claiming from asbestos bankruptcy trusts.

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