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Hello TMobile, and Good Riddance to Verizon

Frequent readers have seen several "off topic" posts ripping Verizon’s lousy 4G service. Happily, those are at an end – I just switched to TMobile. The final straw was inability to efficiently download information to my Ipad at the San Jose, CA airport. Yep, right at the airport of Silicon Valley, the Verizon service was terrible. So, I went looking for better, and here’s what I found. (Apparently many others also are frustrated – I learned later that TMobile had a record quarter for attracting new customers.).

To start, the consensus seems to be that smart phones are not really good phones. I loved my Motorola Clamshell phone – the calls were as clear as land line calls. Then, we all moved to smart phones, in my case because my daughters were texters instead of callers, and it was darned hard to text on a clamshell. The smart phones do many great things, but phone calls, not so much.

But, the Iphone 5 and TMobile show some promise. I took a new phone out to test around Chicago. Happily, after a few days of testing, the Iphone 5 service (includes some digital calls) showed significant good results in Chicago and its suburbs in side-by-side testing of calls against the Verizon Iphone 4 and 4S. And the TMobile service actually is a bit cheaper, and there is no contract requiring any commitment. The GSM phone also can be used overseas with a SIM card from a local provided. So, good riddance to Verizon, and here’s hoping TMobile’s digital calling continues to expand and improve. I’d like to once again enjoy cell phone calls.

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