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Great, Free Summary and Data on Asbestos Bankruptcies – Crowell & Moring Publishes Vol. 6

Ok, we are not talking a best seller on the NYT list. But, for those interested in asbestos bankruptcies, one of the best available resources is a compilation of asbestos bankruptcy information prepared by lawyers at Crowell & Moring. Specifically, Mark D. Plevin and Leslie A. Davis have been involved in asbestos bankruptcies for quite some time as counsel for various different insurers. Mark, Leslie and others very kindly share with all a periodic compilation known as "Where Are They Now" – a cogent summary of every one of the dozens of asbestos bankruptcy cases.

The compilation begins with great summary information, and is followed by very useful chart on cases. Overall, it’s 60 pages of information about the history of various asbestos bankruptcies. Remarkably they are now on version 6 of the summary. "Where are They Now" is online here (free). Various other related papers — including prior versions – are always freely available on the Crowell & Moring website at this page.

Thanks and kudos to Mark, Leslie and all for making this information publicly available. It’s truly a helpful tool and avoids much duplication of effort.

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