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Go Vote – Extreme Views in Politics and Tort Litigation – We Need “Better”

With election day in the US just 2 days away, this is a plea to all to get out and vote on Tuesday, if it’s not already done.

This also seems an appropriate time to comment that it seems plain that both politics and tort litigation tend to inspire extreme views, generally to the detriment of society.

Our presidential campaign this year has been marked by ads and extremist emails too often filled with either outright lies or distortions of small nuggets of truth. On top of that come blatantly extreme attacks on each contender’s personal life and views. I’ll add my voice to the many who are asking for “better” from our politician and parties.

Sad to say, the same is too often true for discussion of tort litigation issues. Extreme views in tort litigation are illustrated by articles built around extreme cases instead of in depth looks at the overall facts. Extreme attacks on individuals are illustrated by comments posted beneath a Wall Street Journal blog post that noted the much too young death of Fred Baron, a very successful but sometimes controversial plaintiff’s lawyer who spent decades on asbestos litigation, with his early work shaped and informed by his work related to cases arising from an infamously dirty place commonly known as the Tyler Texas pipe plant. In my view, debate about tort litigation issues also needs “better” than extremism.

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