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GM Bankruptcy Underway and the Asbestos Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Already Have Appeared in Force

The free version of the GM docket is located here. The case is assigned to Judge Gerber, who has been handling the Thompson-Hayward asbestos bankruptcy. An Am Law Daily article here provides a nice summary of the lawyers and parties, except that somehow it missed the lawyers for the asbestos claimants.

At least some of the lawyers for asbestos claimants show up in docket number 81, which is an appearance filed by Sander L. Esserman and Peter C. D’Apice of Stutzman, Bromberg, Esserman & Plifka as counsel for the Ad Hoc Committee of Asbestos Personal Injury Claimants. The ad hoc committee is said to consist, “at this time,” of asbestos personal injury claimants represented by the law firms commonly known as 1) Waters & Krause; 2) SimmonsCooper, 3) Weitz & Luxenburg, and 4) Brayton Purcell. In addition, Stephen Kazan of Kazan, McClain, Lyons, Greenwood & Harley is listed as an ex officio member of the committee.

In addition, docket number 114 is an appearance for asbestos claimants represented by Kelley & Ferraro.

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