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Give Up on any Illusion That a Platinum AMEX Card Includes Helpful Customer Service

For various reasons, I decided to try an American Express platinum card this year,. One reason was that the ads promised concrierge service, and so I thought the hefty fee would result in actually good customer service. Silly me. To date, it’s been all hassle and no service.

Today’s example ? I want to go back to good old fashioned mailed statements so that I can avoid the download and print ordeal created by passwords. So, I called to ask for that change to be made. After 8 minutes, the answer was: N no, we will not do that for you. Instead you have to go on line and make that change yourself." ( per supervisor Mindy (# 57362 – Ft. Lauderdale). And, that answer cane after their systems kept failing to pass along information (e.g card number) that the system demanded before I could reach a human being (and even then only after proceeding further into the bowels of myriad levels of voice mail prompts.)

In short, paying the price for an AMEX platinum card does not produce actual customer service.

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