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Future Seminar Session on Science Driving Changes in Tort Law

A continuing topic of this blog is exploration of the ways that advances in science will change tort litigation tactics and may change tort law rules. The topic will be squarely addressed next spring in a Friday March 20, 2009 session of the Defense Research Institute’s annual seminar on toxic tort litigation. The speaker is the well-known and always interesting Dennis Paustenbach. The full DRI seminar agenda is here, and the session is as described as follows:

Toxicogenetics and Toxicogenomics–Science Fiction or the Future of Toxic Torts?

The genetic revolution is here and has the potential to transform toxic tort law as we know it. From biomarkers to DNA microarrays to individualized genetic testing, there are technical and scientific advances being made that have the potential to alter the way in which toxic tort causation is established. Dr. Paustenbach will dispel the myths and explain the realities about genomics and toxic torts.

Dennis J. Paustenbach, Ph.D., CIH, DABT, ChemRisk Inc., San Francisco, California

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