Future Asbestos Claiming Evidence Now Online on the BBC with Respect to Asbestos Use in India, China

Information popping up lately on the BBC and elsewhere indicates that evidence is being gathered today for tomorrow’s claims against the non-US entities that are increasing involved in using asbestos. One example is this July 21 BBC article and video presentation regarding asbestos use in Russia. Preceding days included features on asbestos use in China, and in India.

In general, the pictures and videos show that assertions about “safe use” practices for asbestos are in general assertions of myths and theories that have virtually nothing to do with reality. Some parts of these news stories no doubt will be end up as evidence for future claims against the entities and governments involved in the short-sighted decisions to ignore the realities of the specific risks involved in asbestos use. It is true that the white, serpentine types of chrysotile fibers are much, much less toxic than the amphibole blue (crocidolite) and brown (amosite) fibers. However, many (but not all) chrysotile deposits include tremolite asbestos fibers that are essentially amphibole fibers. Therefore, the mined chrysotile fibers also include some small amount of tremolite fibers. Accordingly, it’s not accurate or enough to argue simply that it’s safe to use the white fibers.



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