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French Agency Recognizes Ovarian Cancer As Asbestos Related

According to a February 5, 2014 post at IBAS news by Laurie Kazan-Allen, a French "workers compensation" agency has recognized ovarian cancer as asbestos-related. The outcome is said to arise in the case of a woman with who worked at a factory that produced boilers. This article (French) is cited as reporting the decision. The post also cites a February 3, 2014 press release from Andeva, an asbestos advocacy group in France. The press release states the following, as translated by Google:

"ADDEVA08 (Ardennes) – ANDEVA


February 3, 2014


Ovarian cancer linked to asbestos is recognized as an occupational disease by the complement system

Liliane worked for over 20 years in Deville, manufacturing company different boilers and heating means. Cutting asbestos cords, she breathed these formidable carcinogenic fibers. In 2010, it was taken by ovarian cancer.

Many people today know that asbestos fibers cause lung or pleura. But few know that these fibers circulating in the body not only through the respiratory system, but also through the digestive system or the lymphatic system. They can thus cause extra-pulmonary cancers such as ovarian cancer.

Promise "to go through"

Supported by Addeva 08, which represents the victims of asbestos Ardennes, this folder is announced difficult because this condition is not registered in any table of occupational disease and can only be recognized by a regional Recognition Committee occupational diseases (CRRMP) as part of the complement system.

Two weeks before the death of Liliane Claude Huet, president of the Association had made him and his family, the promise "to go through."

A reasoned request recognition as an occupational disease was first met with a refusal CRRMP Northeast notified July 5, 2010.

The family appealed before the court and business Social Security (TASS Ardennes)

This action was based on the opinion issued by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which met after 27 scientific 8 countries considered "sufficient evidence now exists to show that asbestos causes cancers of the larynx and ovary. "

Requested by Tass, the North CRRMP – Pas-de-Calais – Picardy, held that "exposure to asbestos is certain" from 1966 to 1980 and an opinion unambiguously the origin of the disease that caused his death:

"After hearing the prevention service CARSAT the CRRMP notes that in the final scientific report from the IARC in 2011, it retained a high probability scientific link between the occurrence of ovarian cancer and exposure to asbestos. Time to onset (over 20 years) of the pathology presented is entirely consistent with scientific data. For all these reasons, it is appropriate to retain a direct and essential link between the disease and exposure presented professional ".

This notice requires the court cases of Social Security who will vote in favor of the management of the disease.

This is a first in France, which must acknowledge the importance. This decision does justice to the suffering of Liliane and his family.

The Andeva calls ovarian cancer and cancer of the larynx to be recorded without delay in the schedule of occupational diseases related to asbestos."

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