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Fourth Circuit Ruling Improves the Odds for Overturning the Garlock Secrecy Orders

Alison Frankel reported yesterday on a Fourth Circuit ruling that may well make it easier  to undo the veil of secrecy imposed on secret trial proceedings in the Garlock asbestos bankruptcy case. The entire article is well worth reading; in the opening paragraph, she explained:

“I plow through a lot of appellate opinions. Few of them make me want to stand up and read aloud in the Reuters newsroom. But a couple of sentences, from a ruling Wednesday by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, just about pushed me out of my chair. “A corporation very well may desire that the allegations lodged against it in the course of litigation be kept from public view to protect its corporate image, but the First Amendment right of access does not yield to such an interest,” the three-judge 4th Circuit panel wrote. “Whether in the context of products liability claims, securities litigation, employment matters or consumer fraud cases, the public and press enjoy a presumptive right of access to civil proceedings and documents filed therein, notwithstanding the negative publicity those documents may shower upon a company.”

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