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Finding Lyme Disease in Ancient Amber – Jurassic Park, Sort Of – Michael Crichton Rememb

Researchers are using ancient amber for investigations into Lyme disease and other pieces of medical history, as described here. The story brings to mind Michael Crichton  – the man knew his science, and simply pushed out to some level of fantasy when he wrote Jurassic Park.

Some tidbits about Mr. Chrichton. He grew up in Chicago, was a well trained scientist, and died way too young, of cancer. Like my sister, he worked at Salk Labs for part of his career. Some further specifics are set out below, from the official website:

“Michael Crichton was a writer and filmmaker, best known as the author of Jurassic Park and the creator of ER. His latest posthumous novel, MICRO, was released on November 22, 2011. 

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