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Financial “Service” Companies and Juries a/k/a Does Anyone Respect Any Large Bank or C

I’ve gone to trial as counsel for "asbestos defendants." Juror surveys rank them somewhere around child molesters. But, I’d really hate to be a trial lawyer for a big financial service company these days.

Why? On top of doing a lot of venal and stupid things to trash much of the US economy, they can’t make online service work, and otherwise find ways to make customers despise them.My gripes ?

American Express – the Amex website refuses to process a request to institute automatic bill payment. For some reason, it does not like something about my bank’s routing number or my account numer. Fast telephone support ? Of course not. The say they could, however, call me back within 48 hours.

Wilmington Trust – the bank’s website does not work on Monday the 31st. Apparently it’s holiday for both humans and servers.

JP Morgan Chase – A $ 15 fee charged last month as its fee to receive a wire transfer from another bank.

Profit is a great thing since it’s what makes the world economy keep moving along. But profits should be made along with providing actual customer service, and without charging fees for executing core services. Frankly, I can’t think of a large bank or credit card compnay that I respect. When that’s my attitude, imagine how less fortunate jurors must feel when they sit to judge these entities. Good luck to their lawyers.

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