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Expanded – Chrysler Bankruptcy – Asbestos and Other Tort Claimants and the Official Comm

Expansion: An ad hoc group of non-asbestos tort claimants sought a place on the official committee for unsecured creditors but did not receive a formal seat on the committee. The committee is represented by Schnader Harrison, and is comprised of persons who have filed personal injury lawsuits against Chrysler. The claims are said to worth over $ 600 million. The papers are available at the unofficial online website (link below) as docket items 287 and 273.

Note also that asbestos plaintiffs’ firm SimmonsCooper filed an appearance on April 30. The papers are docket items 25, 17 and 13 or are collected here.

Prior: In the Chrysler bankruptcy, the US Trustee’s office filed today papers designating the Official Commmittee of Unsecured Creditors. The papers designate a committee member who apparently will represent asbestos claimants because she, Patricia Pascale, is listed through the Brayton Purcell plaintiff’s firm in California that handles asbestos claims, among others. The designation states:

Patricia Pascale c/o Brayton Purcell LLP 222 Rush Landing Rd. Novato, CA 94948 ATTN: Alan R. Brayton, Esq. Telephone No. (415) 898-1555 Fax No. (415) 898-1247

An image of the US Trustee’s designation paper is available through Chrysler’s online copy of the court docket at docket number 366, or here.

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