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Examples of Right Wing American Extremism Aimed at State Court Judges

When I’m outside the US and involved in political discussions, a frequent question/comment revolves around the way US voters elect state court judges, and why the process is so polarized these days. I’m of course unable to explain exactly how we ended up as we are today.

It is easier, however, to highlight examples of right-wing extremism at work on state court judges. Here’s a new one on the efforts of right-wing extremists to raise money to try to force out more justices from the Iowa Supreme Court. They may also try having a few new zealot legislators hold "hearings" on the issues perceived by the right-wingers. They will fail, but the effort exemplifies the extremism and why lawyers must have a thick hide in order to decide to become state court judges.

One wonders how many good potential judges now refuse to even consider becoming a state court judge. It’s surely a large number.

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