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Examples of Endlessly Evolving Litigation – The Never Ending Arguments About Asbestos Use

Continually evolving "facts" are one of the unique parts of some mass tort litigation. Thus, plane crashes, boat wrecks, and sky bridge collapses typically happen only once. For drug cases, there are times a drug is pulled is off the market. In contrast, there also are times when the facts evolve. For example, a drug is beings sold even while plaintiffs are suing and claiming it’s defective. The same evolving fact pattern often exists for litigation over industrial products, such as natural mineral and man made fibers. When minerals are commercially marketable products, most producing countries enjoy the economic fruits of production and sales. Therefore, the ceaseless arguments about asbestos mining and sales will go on again this summer at Rotterdam, as highlighted at a new post on The meetings also will be used to produce papers and positions later cited in medico-legal papers and/or testimony. And the "asbestos media" covers it all these days.

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