Eternit Entities Remain in the Gunsights – IBAS, Eternit Plants and Asbestos Claiming Awarene

Laurie Kazan-Allen runs IBAS and through it continues to work on trying to get asbestos banned in more nations. At the same time, she also heightens awareness around the globe about asbestos claiming.

Eternit plainly appears in the gunsights. For example, a recent Tweet by Laurie linked to an article on cancers and a now abandoned Eternit asbestos-cement plant in Lebanon. And a recent article at the IBAS web site highlights three developments in Brazil as related to Eternit, including this publication on Eternit from a Brazilian government agency. (see news stories of Nov. 7, 13 and 15). In addition, an IBAS news story of Nov. 8 refers to an upcoming decision in France involving an Eternit entity.


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