Entrepreneurial Claiming and Entrepreneurial Courts – From Delaware to St. Clair County, Illin

To my knowledge, back in the 1980s, law school professors were not talking or writing about entrepreneurial growth in court systems or tort claiming. Now, however, they do, and it’s always interesting to see how the market shares grow for different courts and claims. For example, Delaware bankruptcy courts went from being a legal "backwater" to dominating the corporate reogrnaization practice; Proesssor Lopucki documented the court’s entrepeneurial growth in a book, with various papers (e.g. this one) later issued on many sides of the topic.

I bring up entrepreneuiral courts and claiming because there is now further evidence that St. Clair Coubty, Illinois is looking at a new spurt in case fiilings and that lung cancer claims (not mesothelioma claims) are coming back into vogue. Prior posts pointed out mentioned spurts in lung cancer claims, and another post mentioned the prior spurt in St. Clair County claiming. Now the two seem to come together as a new article from Kelly Holleran at the Record covers the latest spurt of five lung cancer cases filed in St. Clair County by the Gori & Julian firm. Now it’s time to see how the St. Clair County court system responds. Will it add more trial dates and become the equal of Madison County as a forum for processing asbestos lawsuits ? Stay tuned !


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