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Endocrine Disruptors – More on the Risks

Will endocrine disrupters become "the next asbestos?" Consider the following on the topic:

"Human and animal life is widely exposed to many artificial substances that interfere with the sensitively constructed hormonal system. Substances that interfere with hormones are called Endocrine Disrupting compounds/chemicals (EDC). EDCs are a truly emerging risk. There is strong evidence for negative effects on animal organisms and mounting evidence for effects on human health. Evidence is mounting that specific substances are connected to human bodily injuries."

More propaganda from a cabal of dastardly plaintiff’s lawyers (humor intended) ? No.

The preceding words on endocrine disrupters are from some of the world’s largest insurers. Specifically, the words are from a project of the Emerging Risk Initiative set out on this page of the CRO Forum. More specifically, they explain:

"Emerging Risk Initiative

The CRO Forum Emerging Risks Initiative (ERI) was launched in 2005 to raise awareness of major emerging risks relevant to society and the (re)insurance industry. The Emerging Risks Initaitive consists of ten members representing ACE, AIG, Allianz, AXA, Hannover Re, Lloyd’s, Munich Re, RSA, Swiss Re and Zurich Financial Services Group."

Back to the endocrine disrupters. As noted Monday, the topic is old to some of us but recently has getting more public attention, including from insurance defense firms such as Crowell & Moring. Here’s the rest of the main comment on endocrine disrupters from the CRO Forum page – for more, you can go the CRO site and download and read a relatively detailed brochure on the topic.

"For the risk management of liability insurers it is crucial to monitor this emerging risk. A greater clarity regarding the associated costs has to be achieved.The paper gives a brief introduction to the risk and it aims at increasing awareness. A dialogue should be started taking into account risk-mitigation strategies and the involvement of all stakeholders."

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