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Drug and Device Blog: “Plaintiff Attorney Failure to Perform Meaningful Pre-Suit Investigatio

A June 28, 2018 post at Drug & Device blog is a must read for anyone involved in mass tort cases.

It starts with cogent comments as follows, and then explores the pertinent case and opinion:

“We’re not fans of dinner party chatter, especially when we’re berated for defending alleged corporate deviltry against widows and orphans.  We’d just as soon find another corner of the room and another stiff pour of Lagavulin.  But there is a point that seems to register with even our most self-righteous accusers: for every meritorious case, there are many, many more that are made-up money grabs.  The chattering classes agree that plaintiff lawyers are at least as greedy as occupants of the C-suites, and are, if anything, more prone to playing fast and loose with the facts.  Plaintiff lawyers overreach.  Everyone knows that.  Do courts?”

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