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Driverless, Computer-Controlled Car in Berlin – It’s Working, but Pricey – Are &#

Courtesy of this post at Marginal Revolution, here’s the link to a story on progress on a computer controlled car being tested in Berlin, with apparent success. But, of course, lawyers are probably not yet involved, much. Two interesting excerpts are:

"However, he said, that besides the technological issues, the legal challenges would be another issue that needed to be regulated: "Who will be responsible when there’s an accident — the owner or the passenger of the computer-controlled car or the company that produced it?"


Ideally, the car will respond to orders by remote control, for example on an iPad or an iPhone. With a click or a touch, the passenger can call the car to his personal location and then order the car to drop him off at his desired destination.

"This kind of car is actually perfect for car sharing," said Rojas. "There will be no more need for owning a car — once the automobile has dropped off its passenger it will drive on to the next passenger."


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