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Does Verizon Have an Ongoing Data Network Problem in Chicago ?

It seems Verizon may have an ongoing data network problem in Chicago. During yesterday’s morning commute, there was no data service. According to the Verizon store at a commuter rail station (Ogilvie), there was an apparent outage and complaints from users commuting into the city from several directions. By the evening commute, there was some service.

This morning, service exists but it’s even worse than Verizon’s almost always lousy service. How bad? Terrible and pathetic come to mind. For example, due to Verizon’s dribbling data service, it took Outlook over 30 minutes to download a routine group of emails. And, attempts to link the Internet are taking forever, if the link loads at all. According to the display on VZ Access Manager (the controlling software for my computer modem), the much touted Verizon network is NOT providing any 3g service, and is usually providing only 3 bars of 1g service.

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