Delaware Chancery Judge Awards $ 300 Million for Attorneys’ Fees – Is Delaware Now a Jud

The Southern Copper/Grupo Mexico case has been quite the drama with its $1 billion + damages award for a corporate deal that was deemed not fair to shareholders other than the controlling shareholder. Now, Delaware Chancellor Strine has awarded attorneys’ fees of$ 300 million+. Professor Bainbridge covers the award, and more, as to the litigation industry in Delaware. See also this paper cited and linked by Professor Bainbridge – it addresses the market share for the Delaware courts.

The American Tort Reform Foundation and the US Chamber of Commerce routinely complain about awards of attorneys’ fees to "trial lawyers," and disparage as "judicial hellholes" the courts where plaintiffs do well. So, one can now wonder if the US Chamber of Commerce will attach the hellhole label to Delaware’s famed Chancery Court. Somehow that seems not likely but one never knows.


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