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Deer Hunting with a Statistician, a Plaintiff’s Lawyer and a Defense Lawyer

I forgot to post the following legal humor from the Garlock trial. The humor is from the trial judge, the summary below is from T. K. Kim of Legal NewsLine.

"August 6, 2013 7:16 AM


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Legal Newsline) – As Garlock Sealing Technololgies ongoing bankruptcy trial prepared to break for lunch after more than three hours of cross examination of an economist Monday, Judge George Hodges relayed a bit of dead pan levity.

A plaintiff’s attorney, a defense attorney and a statistician all go out deer hunting, the joke went. The plaintiff’s attorney takes a shot and misses five yards to the right. The defense attorney takes a shot and misses five yards to the left. The statistician, observing both shots and acting in his capacity as spotter, then hollers out, “Got him!”

The joke almost perfectly encapsulated the sentiments of the dozens of lawyers in his courtroom sitting through a mind-numbing back and forth volley between attorneys representing claimants suing the gasket manufacturer for asbestos exposure and an economist Garlock tapped to give the court estimates for how much money the company should place in a trust for future mesothelioma victims who might sue the company over exposure to asbestos from their products."

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