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Data on Japanese Asbestos Claiming and Compensation

Asbestos compensation in Japan is shown in the chart, which was published on Twitter by Laurie Kazan-Allen. The chart is part of an article on asbestos claiming, and is online in a story on IBAS. The article is by Sugio Furuya, the Secretary-General of the Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center. The data is from a Japanese agency. The agency also has published detailed data on the businesses with employee deaths from mesothelioma, and the sources of payments.

The big picture data is stated as follows in the article:

"In the period 1995-2012, there were 16,235 deaths from mesothelioma of which 12,413 (76%) were acknowledged and compensated under workers’ compensation insurance or government relief schemes; in 1995, only 14.1% of mesothelioma fatalities were compensated…"

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