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Data and Charts: “The Places in America Most Likely to Flood from Rising Sea Levels”

Regardless of arguments about causation, ocean levels plainly are rising.  A recent article at Pricenomics provides some great data and charts about the cities most at risk. The article is detailed and should be read in its entirety, but here’s a teaser:

“We decided to analyze data from Priceonomics customer Gavop, an insurance data and research company, how many people in America live near the sea to see where devastation from rising sea levels will be the greatest. We started with the United States Census data on coastal tracts of land, and calculated which of these zones were most populated in areas likely to be vulnerable to rising sea levels. We also looked at how much homes cost in these zones and how much home insurance premiums cost.

The state with the most people living in coastal zones susceptible to rising sea levels is Florida, where almost 1.8 million people live near the water. The US cities most at risk to global flooding are New York, Seattle and San Francisco, the nerve centers of the financial and technology industries.

However, the two areas with the most expensive properties that are at risk to rising sea levels are both in Connecticut: Riverside and Darien are both high risk zones where the median home costs almost $2 million. Lastly, though homeowners insurance does not typically cover flooding, comparable home owners insurance is much more expensive closer to the sea, especially in Texas.”

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