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D&O Liability Issues – A Look Ahead

Kevin LaCroix published a September 3, 2014 post with his prognostications about a range of D&O issues. Of note, he included litigation about the lack of adequate environmental disclosures. And, of course, it takes little imagination to extend that thought to disclosures about mass tort claims and risks.

Set out below is the introduction to his section on environmental disclosures – the entire post is well worth reading.

Will Environmental Liability and Climate Change Emerge as Important D&O Liability Issues?: During the financial crisis, many issues and concerns that previously had loomed large moved further down the agenda. Even though the recovery from the crisis is still uneven, some of the issues that fell by the wayside are moving back up the list of priorities. Environmental liability issues are among these concerns. Among other things, this has meant an uptick in D&O litigation arising from environmental issues.

In recent months, there have been a number of securities class action lawsuits filed based on alleged misrepresentations of the defendant company’s environmental compliance. On August 7, 2014, the securities suit filed against Exide Technologies and certain of its directors and officers based on the defendants’ allegedly misleading statements about the company’s compliance with environmental regulations became the latest environmental disclosure securities suits to overcome the initial pleading hurdles. A copy of Central District of California Judge Stephen V. Wilson’s August 7, 2014 order denying the defendants’ motion to dismiss can be found here.”

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