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Cyber Breach Insights

Corporate Counsel’s new issue includes an article asking whether the continuing string of corporate cyber breaches will become a tipping point. On another side of the subject, the NYT has an interesting article on Brian Krebs, who went from WAPO reporter to a blogger focused on and to some degree feared by the Russian cyber hacker community. Using his sources, Mr. Krebs broke the story on the Target hacking.

A recent blog post by Mr. Krebs explains that we all are besieged with Adobe Flash player updates because of its many holes exploited by hackers. That’s the same Adobe that’s currently raising its prices through the roof, and trying to force most users to rent instead of owning. One would like to think that a higher price would mean quality, but ….. Then again, one would like to think that banks and merchants actually used effective security. It’s hard to imagine 2014 ends without some hearings in Congress and some CIOs and CEOs on the hot-seat, and some litigation.

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