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Corporate Social Responsibility – The Top 5 Events for 2010

Foley Hoag’s blog on CSR and the Law includes this year- end "top 5" post. It’s well worth reading for an overview of big picture issues that in one or way another related to potential tort liability of companies.

One recent post from the same blog did not make the "top 5" list but it seemed significant. The post explained that the EU recently and overwhelmingly passed a resolution which highlights the potential power of CSR. Thus, the gist of the resolution brings to the forefront the reality that corporations are simply dumping costs when they fail to research adequately and distribute products which cause harms. Thus, the post explains:

  1. "First, European companies enjoying the benefits of trade must be asked to conduct themselves in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in developing countries and elsewhere.

  2. Second, “non-compliance with CSR principles constitutes a form of social and environmental dumping” in developing countries to the detriment of companies and workers in Europe, who are required to meet more stringent social and environmental standards.

  3. Third, the EU’s trade policy must be consistent with and complimentary of its other foreign policy priorities on matters such as environmental protection and development aid."

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