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Conferences Linking Law and Science – “Mass Tort Med School”

Continuing on upcoming seminars linking law and science, HB is presenting a seminar titled "Mass Tort Med School." According to the HB web page:

"Our Chairman Vance Andrus is among the most experienced standard bearers for the rights of plaintiffs, having played often leading roles in many of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device litigations in the country and on related PSCs. Like Andrus, Marc Grossman is an ardent advocate for plaintiffs in drug and device litigation, serving on multiple PSCs. He also represents plaintiffs in a variety of complex mass torts. Vicki Maniatis typifies the next generation of plaintiff advocates with experience in several of the most recent drug and device litigations. Maniatis is also adjunct professor at Hofstra Law School’s E. David Woycik Jr. Intensive Trial Techniques Program."

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