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Conference on How AI Will Transform Law (and More)

AI already is producing changes in law, and will produce much more. A conference at the end of this week will provide great insights. Pasted below is the text from a January 19, 2018  blog post at Bits, Bots and Biomarkers, hosted by the ASU Law School Center for Law Science & Innovation.

“LSI Faculty Director Gary Marchant is co-chairing the AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society. The conference, held in New Orleans on February 1-3, aims to address the challenges of AI ethics within a societal context.

Highlights for the conference include speakers on the affect of AI on civil rights and liberties, the impact of AI on employment and the future of work, and the ethics of AI decision making – including a look at The Moral Machine Experiment, a game exploring the ethics of AI decision making.

Learn more about the conference’s scheduled speakers, panels, and awards here: Groundbreaking conference examines how AI transforms our world.”

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