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Concussions, Science, Sports and the Movies

Megan tweet soccer

Yes, movies like this are a big deal as to public perception. And all should keep in mind that some members of the public end up on juries, some are in legislatures, and some work as doctors or judges. Some also are shareholders. In the article, Will Smith cites his concerns as a “football dad.” For me, certainly concussions were very much on mind the last few years as a “soccer dad” for two daughters who played for their high school teams and on “travel” soccer teams. (Left, my daughter Megan, on corner kick duty.)

Millions of parents around the world share similar concerns as we all want to keep our kids safe, and yet not smother them. After all, life includes some risk at many junctures but we parents sure wish we could put a protective bubble around children, whether ours or the kid next door or on the other team. All parents worry when a kid is prone on the field. And we all will raise heck (to use a polite word) if we think someone is not being honest about the safety of children.

The message here? Research and knowledge matter, and transparency is key.

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